Local Info

Q. Where in Cyprus is the festival?

A. Cyprus Break is based in Ayia Napa. The venues in which the events will be taking place are 'The Dock', 'Waterworld Waterpark', 'Club Black n White' & 'Club Ice'


Q. What hotels are closest to the Venue?

A. Ayia Napa is a very small place so any hotel here will be within a 10 min max taxi drive to the venues.

The hotels closest to the events would be Amethyst, Olympic lagoon, so nice & Asterias beach hotel. These hotels are around a 2/3 min taxi ride. Then you have Anthea, Senator, Napa Plaza, Napian Suites, Limanaki, Sancta Napa & Napa Mermaid. These hotels are around a 10/15 min taxi ride!

Q. How hot is Cyprus in Sep?

A. Cyprus has an average daily temperature in Sep of 27 degrees!

Q. Which currency do i need to bring?

A. Euro

Q. What is the time difference in Cyprus.

A. Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of the U.K

Q. Where can I find the best beaches in Ayia Napa.

A. Nissi Beach, Landa Beach, Sandy Bay & Limanaki Beach.

Q. Where are the best places to find food?

A. You will never struggle to find food in Ayia Napa, as well as fast food brands.. there are many sit-down resturaunts along Nissi Avenue, The harbour and there are also a few hidden gems along the backroads of Ayia Napa.

Q. What different food cuisines will i find in Ayia Napa?

A. Traditional Cypriot, Chinese, Japanese, Thai,  McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Wagamamas, Pizza Hut, Hardrock Cafe, Ocean Basket + many more!